How long will you change your faucet aerator? May 23, 2023

According to the investigation on Linkedin, 62% of people tend to change aerator in 3 years

Only 8% change it annually


It is recommended to change a faucet aerator annualy, but the actual changing time is also depend on usage frequency and water quality. If the water flow from the faucet becomes weaker or the aerator develops limescale that cannot be cleaned, it may be time to replace it

There are several reasons why you may need to change to a new faucet aerator:

1. Clogging: In the area with bad water quality, Over time, mineral deposits, dirt, and debris can build up in the aerator, making it difficult or impossible to get water flow.

2. Leaks: If you notice water leaking from the aerator, it's likely time to replace it.

3. Water efficiency: Upgrading to a low flow aerator can help you save water and money on your water bill.

4. Appearance: If your current aerator is stained, rusty, or unpleasant to look at, a replacement can improve the appearance of your faucet.

5. Functions: If you need to upgrading the faucet functions with low cost increase,  changing aerator is the best way. Aerator style with more stream combination and bigger swivel angle can be a good choice


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